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Option 2

Space Clearing


Option 3

Chakra Healing


Option 4

Remote Healing

Cancellation Policies

We completely understand that there are unanticipated events that happen during everyone’s life. For customer satisfaction we honour the following policies: 24 hour advance notice is needed to cancel an appointment, as this allows for someone else to use that appointment. If unable to provide 24 hours notice you will be charged the agreed amount for your appointment.

Free Readings

Every month I offer multiple free readings, for those who are unable to afford to use my services. If you please leave your details on my contact page, including that you would like to be considered for a free reading, you might have the chance to be selected.



Option 1: Mediumship

Readings start from as low as £25.00, please call for details

As a vessel for communication, I can open the channel between spirits who have past away and living human beings. If you would like to connect with someone please enquire on my contact page. 

Option 2: Space Clearing

£ please enquire

Space clearing allows for the energy flow of the home to harmonise and fall back into balance. I can use my gift to relieve the negative energy within a space and restore the home to a clearer, lighter atmosphere. If you need space clearing please enquire on my contact page.

Option 3: Chakra Healing

£ please enquire

Having an imbalanced chakra can have a negative impact on your life. Let me connect you with an approved healer from my extensive network of expert practitioners in this field to restore balance your chakras.

Option 4: Remote Healing

£ please enquire

Remote healing ables you to connect with a psychic either through video camera on your electronic device, through phone conversation or completely incommunicado. This is useful for anyone who cannot for whatever reason travel to see a psychic, if you need remote healing please enquire on my contact page.