I personally offer a wide range of services to those who feel
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Every one of us has the gift of mediumship, with time and study we can all attune our senses to the spirit world and learn to connect with the things going on beyond the physical realm. However, I am what is known as a ‘natural spiritual medium’ which means that the gift of mediumship was thrust upon me from the unseen world of spirit.

Natural mediums are forced by the unseen world to use their gifts to help others to connect with the spiritual realms. Using my abilities, I can flick between the worlds and serve as a vessel for communication.

However, I cannot force a spirit to contact you. The spirit must come to me and open a dialogue, which will usually be someone who you know such as a friend or relative. Even if I cannot directly speak to the spirit you want to contact, I am usually able to converse with one of their guides and angels who will be able to tell you how they are and pass on messages.

Spirits are aware of things that we are not, comprehending the spiritual cogs that support the foundations of our reality. As such, they are often able to provide advice, direction and solace. Whether it’s helping us to find a lost object, make a difficult decision or just to reassure that there is ‘always someone watching over us’, the spirits can help us in many ways.



Every one of us is blessed with guides and spirits that are here to aid us throughout our lives, they are with us always and are waiting to step in when we need them. As a natural medium I can communicate with these beings and share their wisdom and messages of compassion with you.

Whether you feel lost, confused, or you’re in emotional turmoil, these beings can help you to realise what has been eluding you. You already have a profound relationship with these beings, however the more you communicate with your guides the more they can help you.


Spiritual Coaching/Healing

We all feel the burden of past traumas and wounds in our psyches – those things that make it hard to feel at peace and weigh heavy on our minds late at night. Spiritual Coaching involves a medium helping individuals to connect with their heart, their mind, and their soul, as well as the guides and spirits who look after us.

By connecting with our spirit selves, this form of coaching enables us to heal the spiritual and mental wounds formed in our past, to let go of burdens and to forgive. These are the things blocking us from our own spiritual fulfilment.

This kind of coaching helps us to connect with one another, improve our lives, develop better spiritual awareness and to develop emotionally.


Soul Rescue

Soul rescue is a type of healing for those afflicted with a negative entity attachment. Sometimes an unfulfilled spirit, unable to cross over, will find itself bound to the soul of a living person.

This powerful process requires me to work with your own personal spirits and guides to make the entity unbind from your soul and often to help it ‘pass on’. This is a complex process and there is no easy way to surmise what a session involves, as this will be dictated by what has caused the entity to bind itself to you to begin with.

Individuals are often unaware that they are afflicted with a negative energy attachment, but it often manifests itself in numerous negative ways in their life. After being released from these entity attachments, individuals experience profound feelings of freedom, levity, and joy after suffering for so long.


Remote Healing

Remote healing is way of sending energies and positive spiritual forces to someone who cannot or does not want to visit a psychic in person. Whether it’s by hearing a voice through the phone, a video conference or completely incommunicado, this miraculous form of spiritual healing can be used to ease both pain in the body and the mind.

Similar to how a psychic can locate a missing person or object, they first trace where in the world the person who desires healing is: while being connected over the phone or internet makes this easier it is not a necessity. Once the psychic has located the person, they will use their power to channel positive energy upon them. Needless to say, it is a very useful form of healing for those who cannot for whatever reason travel to see a psychic.


Space Clearing

As spiritual beings, we all give off light and dark energy. Sometimes the places we inhabit can accumulate negative energy, this reflects upon us and can affect the way we feel.

Alternatively, spirits who left this world unfilled can find themselves earthbound and trapped inside our own homes. While usually benevolent, their frustration at being cooped up leads to them ‘acting out’ – moving objects, making sounds, or sometimes even presenting themselves. In my experience homeowners are usually acutely aware of earthbound spirits residing amongst them.

As a medium I can help move negative energies from the home and use my gift to help earthbound spirits on their journey to the place beyond. This improves the energy flow of the home.


Remote Viewing

We’ve all occasionally had a premonition of an object, person or event that is far away from our physical field of view, this is a practice known as remote viewing. As a medium I can employ this skill and evoke it at will to inform people about many things that are far away: an estranged relative’s welfare, the location of a long-lost object, or even a runaway pet.



Are you looking to develop your own spiritual gifts? As spiritual beings we are all able to make some level of connection to the world that exists beyond our physical field of view. I offer one-to-one classes for individuals looking to learn how to access and attune themselves to the psychical world.

Some of us, however, are what is known as a natural medium (like myself). This is when the spiritual world forces an advanced mediumship or precognitive abilities to us – we have little say in the matter! When this ‘opening’ happens, it can be an extremely difficult time and we often need guidance on how to use these skills. For those with this blessing, I can offer mentorship and tuition on controlling these gifts.



Platform work is a great introduction to the world of the spirit and can be far less daunting than a one-to-one mediumship session. Standing in front of an audience a medium opens themselves up to communicate with spirits and pass on messages to those sat before them. These sessions are both fun for everyone observing as well as deeply profound for those who are contacted.

If contacted, the spirit will usually remain discreet, however audience members who have received a message often decide to have a private reading after the show or later so they can commune in a more personal manner.


Tarot Cards

If you are interested in a tarot card reading, I can arrange sessions with an approved tarot reader from my curated network of practitioners. Tarot card readings are an extremely powerful and uncompromising form of cartomancy, which can help people find out details of their future and provide guidance on what to do in the moment. Tarot’s accuracy is uncanny however the cards are recalcitrant in their behaviour.


Crystal Healing

Crystals have been used by cultures to heal for millennia. Crystals are formed under immense pressure inside the Earth, spending thousands of years absorbing positive energies and each stone has its own positive resonance. The oscillation from gems, crystals and stones can be placed on or near the body, channelling these energies to aid the body in healing.

These treatments are relaxing and nurturing therapy sessions. While I do not conduct these treatments myself, I am able to connect interested persons with an expert crystal healer from my extensive network of approved mediums and healers.


Chakra Healing

Located within our bodies, running along the spine, chakras are our energy centres from which we emit and receive vibrations. There are Seven chakras in total: Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral and Root.

As we move through life, various things affect the way our chakras function. If any of our chakras are depleted or overactive, it creates an imbalance within us that can manifest itself in various negative ways. Chakra healing treatments aim to address these imbalances and return them to their natural state. I do not personally offer chakra healing, but I can connect you with an approved healer from my extensive network of expert practitioners in this field.